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Community Creation
Communities are an essential ingredient to a successful blockchain project. This unsubstitutable asset of long-term holders delivers FUD protection, drives organic volume and liquidity, and becomes a self-fulfilling engine for new users through community-executed advocacy and organic marketing.
Supercharge Your Ecosystem.
Only a handful of cryptocurrency projects from the thousands that launched during the 2018 ICO mania have attained success, and these new market leaders are a testament to one thing: communities are the essence of blockchain projects.

Not only do strong communities deliver growth advantages, they also offer natural defenses to the reputation and branding of projects. Such an advantage is increasingly important with the rise of FUD-creating agencies-for-hire, which can cause serious damage to the value of a native currency, costing the project's own foundation treasury to lose millions in secondary market value.

A strong community is both a retention mechanism for weak hands and also a growth mechanism to acquire new hands. Communities are essential and that is why DAO Maker offers specialized services in building communities for the decentralized future.
How We Approach Community Building:
Lay a foundation through our own seed community
Convert the tens of thousands of users in the Social Mining ecosystem
Build a differentiated, time-relevant, and high-conversion narrative for the company
Execute education campaigns that ease project understanding
Launch community growth campaigns by targeting existing communities across established blockchain channels and influencer networks
Active communities built:
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier.
LTO Network
17 046
community members
Elrond Network
24 609
community members
17 153
community members
2key Network
3 634
community members
4 017
community members
Average Community
Average Global Community
Community Engagement Rate
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