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Event Management
While attending events can be a good opportunity for exposure, sales, and networking, hosting your own event elevates business development and branding to the stratosphere.
The limelight is yours for the taking.
Events for community members, equity investors, and early business partners are common in the non-Crypto sector. Some of the largest businesses/projects involved with cryptocurrencies have started to host events, but the wider space has yet to catch up.

Events give the opportunity to build a greater bond with and among the community, cornerstone investors, and partners in a physical setting. If access is open, they offer a powerful opportunity to expand each segment of the project's internal or external support pillars. While it may seem that hosting an event can be too expensive, the costs can be surprisingly low, if not done in a 5-star resort; the impact is just as great, even when the ambiance isn't fit for a king.
DAO Maker manages events ranging from small meetups for regional community members to large landmark summits catering to a massive attendance.
DAO Maker-managed events:
Everything about the event — location, seating, stage, booths (if needed), refreshments, decor, media, outreach, etc. — will be managed by us.
May be tailored to a specific theme/ market segment
Involve key opinion leaders and influencers
Attract potential business synergies
Offer great PR and media exposure
Work with DAO Maker
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