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Search Engine Optimization
SEO harnesses the power of search engines to draw constant traffic to your sales or conversion funnel, if done right.
Turn Google into your sales team.
Search engine optimization empowers projects to build a reliable, growing source of organic traffic of users who are already interested, the product being offered, or the general market the project is targeting.

SEO shows results months after the initial effort, but the results keep rolling in for years.

SEO can be labor intensive and requires deep-rooted industry-specific knowledge. Several members of DAO Maker's large marketing team have spent years optimizing SEO for Crypto projects. This has honed our team's ability to turn SEO into a science that is tapered to successfully deliver search presence, especially for blockchain developments. Our clients yield this rare skill set to turn search engines into their traffic funnels.
DAO Maker offers a range of SEO services, including:
On-page SEO optimization
Discovery of
high-potential terms
Strategy development and execution
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