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Evolution Finance is a money market on Ethereum that supports the collateralization, lending, and leverage of top 50 blockchain assets, ported through technologies like renVM.
Key Metrics
Ticker: EVN + EVNY
Project Valuation: $300,000
Token Supply: 300,000 EVN
1. Project Overview: What is Evolution?
Evolution Finance is a money market that targets a 10x greater total addressable market (TAM) than any other DeFi lending platform.

Evolution Finance works with renVM and other advanced, audited, and established wrapping solutions to port blockchain assets to the Ethereum network. These assets are then:

  • used as collateral to borrow stablecoins on the Ethereum network

  • available for leveraged positions on decentralized exchanges

  • able to earn interest on the Ethereum network

  • a composable Lego within the DeFi universe
2.A. Go-To Market strategy
Lending markets, both centralized and decentralized, are the second largest crypto industry, just behind exchanges. There is a substantial user base that has already become attuned to these services.

The wider portion of the market, though, remains with centralized providers. This results from the lack of major assets available in Ethereum DeFi. With the exception of BTC, alternative blockchain assets are primarily accessible on centralized providers.

Still, Ethereum DeFi has attracted a rapidly growing user base. These users, though, have to forfeit exposure to booming altcoins like Polkadot's $DOT, which has surged to the top five with market-beating performance. CeFi lending is forced into existence by the lack of options on Ethereum DeFi.

Evolution Finance fills the missing gap.

This is the money market that provides access and exposure to opportunities unseen on the Ethereum network. The Ethereum community can collateralize, borrow, and/or lend the top-50 blockchain assets like $DOT, $FIL, $AVAX, $DASH, $XMR, $XEM, $DOGE, and many more on just Evolution Finance.

Evolution Finance is filling a market inefficiency: the lack of lending solutions for assets of other blockchain assets on the largest DeFi blockchain (Ethereum).
2.B. Product Viability
DeFi lending on Ethereum is a well-proven market. The assets available on Ethereum have outperformed CeFi markets. In fact, decentralized money markets have rapidly absorbed assets from CeFi markets.

The problem lies in the matter that these markets simply support too few assets.

Evolution Finance targets a large roster of new assets, qualifying a whole new market on Ethereum DeFi, one that is 10x larger than the target market of any other lending network on Ethereum.
3. Product Roadmap
4. Revenue Streams
The core business of Evolution Finance is the most advanced lending platform on Ethereum. A small spread between the deposit earning and lending fees generates the platform's revenue. Additionally, every transfer of EVN tokens carries a 1.7% smart contract fee. 0.1% from this is added to the development fund.
5. Product Dive
Money Market / Lending Platform

The primary product of Evolution Finance is the lending market designed, from initiation, to target altcoins of other blockchains. The lending market provides a seamless porting mechanism using technologies such as renVM and other wrapping products.

Ported assets then become a composable element within Ethereum DeFi. They can be deposited as collateral to borrow stablecoins, which can then be used to farm on other DeFi protocols or leverage trading positions.

Ported assets also earn interest, creating an interest market for altcoins on the Ethereum network, accessible to the largest user base of DeFi users. Furthermore, deposited assets can be borrowed for short-trade positions or usage in new protocols that seek to tap into a 10x greater market than the current state of the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.
6. Technologies Used and Created by the Project
Evolution Finance utilizes renVM to use the most decentralized portion option on the Ethereum network.

Lending Market for Wrapped Assets
Evolution Finance provides a new money market that is designed for wrapped assets on Ethereum.

Liquidity Locks
The native token of the Evolution Finance lending market, EVN, has a liquidity lock. The locked liquidity providers are incentivized by a 1% (of 1.7%) transfer fee charged to EVN movement.

Deflation Protocol
The EVN token smart contract claims a 1.7% on each transfer, of which 0.4% is burned.

Liquidity Floor
Half of the EVN liquidity lock is against a tETH pair, a synthetic ETH backed 1:1 with ETH. As Uniswap trading fees increase the volume of permanently locked assets, the multi-sig will withdraw proportionate amount from the tETH backing.
7. Technologist
Blockchain Strategy Team
The logic of the tech stack of Evolution Finance is led by Blockchain Strategy Team, which has played a crucial role in the launch of ICON and AION.

DAO Maker
The project's governance technology is provided by DAO Maker, a market leader whose technologies are used by industry titans like Elrond, Avalanche, NEM, and more.

Ferrum Network
The project's smart contract development is led by Ferrum Network, an established tokenized project whose technology is used by over 50 DeFi developments.

Arcadia Group
The smart contract security of Evolution Finance is led by Arcadia Group, an industry leader in smart contract security.
8. Token Economy
Loyalty: EVN provides discounts on the lending market fees.
Rewards: 0.2% of EVN transfer fees are earned by EVN stakers.
Governance: EVN is a fair launch project and hence the community powers the direction of the Evolution Finance ecosystem.

EVN is a deflationary asset with locked liquidity provider incentives due a 1.7% transfer fee, of which:

  • 0.4% is burned
  • 1% earned by locked liquidity providers (EVNY holders)
  • 0.2% distributed to EVN stakers
  • 0.1% deposited to the developer fund

The liquidity lock has a $5M cap, making the EVNY the first-ever LP token with a hard cap.