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OpenOcean is a full aggregation protocol that aggregates liquidity from various decentralized and centralized exchanges and provides traders with a one-stop transaction experience with the best prices on DEXes and CEXes.
Key Metrics
Ticker: OOE
Blockchain Networks: Ethereum Network, Binance Smart Chain, ONT Network, Solana, Polkadot, TRON and more
Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
Tokens Sold : 100,000,000
1. Project Overview: What is Openocean?
OpenOcean is the first full aggregation protocol that aggregates mainstream DEXs on public chains and mainstream CEXes. As a full aggregator, OpenOcean will continue to aggregate other mainstream products such as yied, derivative, lending and insurance products.

OpenOcean has currently aggregated mainstream DEXes on public chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Ontology, and Tron and also centralized Exchange Binance. With the help of their intelligent order routing and in-depth optimization of intelligent routing algorithms, OpenOcean can help users trade at the best price and lowest slippage.

OpenOcean also provides traders and institutions with API and tailor-made user interfaces to support their investment strategies.

OpenOcean's technical team comprises a group of experienced engineers and financial veterans from industry leading financial exchanges and multinational IT companies like IBM, Intel, and HP.
2.A. Go-To-Market strategy
Being a full aggregator that aggregates DEXes and CEXes, and being the leading aggregator on Binance Smart Chain, it encourages users to use OpenOcean as an entrance to the Defi and Cefi. For example, OpenOcean educate users on how to maximize their profits on Binance Smart Chain through trading on OpenOcean at the best price and then participate in other DeFi projects. It also provides tools for users to compare the price between CEXes and DEXes, and support users to make optimal choices and allows users to trade on the best price on either DEX or CEX.

Currently, OpenOcean has campaigns in collaboration with DEXes, wallets and other projects for promotions in both communities. Some examples are; Pancake and Streetswap on BSC for campaigns for trading on OpenOcean, Reef and Elrond when their tokens are listed, encouraging users to trade their tokens on OpenOcean at the best price, and TrustWallet after the implementation of the mobile version. OpenOcean will also team up with wallets to do AMAs in various communities to attract users.

The project will also attract users by implementing a 0% fee and slippage subsidy and educate wallet users to use OpenOcean as an entrance to BSC and Defi trading.

In addition to continuously aggregating DEXes on existing public chains such as BSC, Ethereum, TRON and ONT, OpenOcean are also working on the aggregation of DEX ecosystems on Solana and Ethereum layer2. For CEX aggregation, they are working on the aggregation of spot trading on Binance and will aggregate Coinbase, Deribit, and other CEXes after getting licenses from them.

In Q1 2021; it will list OOE tokens and do a token airdrop. Keeping 1%-3% of OOE token to motivate early users to trade on OpenOcean before token issuance and users in the 1 year after token issuance. It will also start liquidity mining on aggregated DEXes and CEXes as well as on it's own dex Innoswap to boost both user base and trading volume.

In its road map, OpenOcean will start aggregating derivative products in 2021 Q2 and further aggregate yield products, lending and insurance products. Then, it will launch combined margin products and intelligent wealth management after the entire core infrastructure features are completed.

By offering users with the most well-rounded product portfolio in the crypto world, the users take OpenOcean as their entrance for trading.

Moreover, OpenOcean offers institutional investors with a tailor-making user interface service to help facilitate their investment strategies on the aggregated CEXes and DEXes, helping to bring large volumes to OpenOcean.
2.B. Product Viability
Full aggregation to provide a single entrance to all mainstream crypto assets trading

1. Dex aggregation: Aggregating DEXes and supporting cross-chain transactions.
2. CEX aggregation: further aggregating spot trading on mainstream CEXes.
3. Derivative and yield-generating products aggregation: aggregating Derivative and yield-generating products on both DEXes and CEXes.
4. launch combine margin products to support one stop derivative trading on various exchanges.
5. Lending and insurance products aggregation.
6. Provide intelligent wealth management service.

Intelligent routing and machine learning to offer the best rates and lowest gas fees

1. Splits the order and applies an optimized algorithm (Dijkstra and D-star ) to make sure that users get the best price on the market with lowest gas consumption and lowest slippage.
2. Constantly optimizes the routes using machine learning with platform data.
3. Offers the best price to users by comparing the prices on aggregated DEXes and CEXes.
4. OOE token used as gas fee.
5. Provide slippage subsidy to users with OOE token in marketing campaigns.
3. Product Roadmap
4. Revenue Streams
5. Product Dive
One-stop smooth trading experience

  • Supports one-stop transactions on integrated CEX with OpenOcean portfolio margin pool or OpenOcean wallet.
  • Integrates liquidities from mainstream DEXes and CEXes to provide better liquidity and faster response rates.
  • Supports mainstream wallets.

Offers adequate transaction tools to investors

A user-friendly interface to support spot and derivative transactions.
Offers tools such as limit orders and candlestick chart tools, profit and loss setting, real-time monitoring and alerts, APIs and transaction tools for derivative products.

Offers a tailor-made user interface to support institutional investors' trading strategies.
6. Technologies Used and Created by the Project
  • Improved Dijkstra algorithm called D-star
  • Profound knowledge in traditional trading system building and various financial products
  • Systematic knowledge on financial risk control
7. TeAM
Set up in Singapore, we currently have 16 full-time employees. 11 of them are developers.
Leo Co-founder
Leo has 12 years experience in trading systems development. Leo started his career in Intel APAC R&D center. Before joining the crypto industry, Leo used to lead the trading systems development team at a leading Financial Futures Exchange in Asia. Leo started his research on crypto protocols in early 2015.
Cindy, Co-founder
Cindy used to work for RBS as strategy manager, 3M as M&A manager and a well known Private Equity fund as senior investment director. Cindy found her interest in blockchain investment back in 2017. Cindy obtained a Masters in Finance degree from a top 10 ranking Business School.
Lawrence, Smart Contract Development
Lawrence used to be the senior architect of IBM and HP. He was one of the core members of the development team of the HP Quality Center, the industry leading testing and management platform. Lawrence also has 7 years of experience as an architect in trading platform development before joining OpenOcean.
Tao, Product Development
Tao used to be vice director of product development in Ping An technology, one of the largest fintech companies in China and the director of product development at a leading listed stock trading platform.
Yip Tsai, UI
YiPing used to lead the UI development of OTA company
8. investors
9. Token Economy
The OOE token will be used in protocol governance, token related liquidity mining, gas fees, trading functions such as trading fees on CEXes and combined margin pool for derivative tradings as well as primary membership on OpenOcean.